What we provide

Mortgagee Services

Trustee Services

Project Management

Here to Help program

Farm Management

Skills & Experience
Tagma has a highly skilled group of people involved in the day to day activities.
Our staff have degrees in Law, Business, Management, Finance and Urban development.
We have licensed builders, real estate agents, property managers and bookkeepers
available to clients everyday with many having been employed for 5+ years.

Tagma’s list of services is now extensive and includes:

• Property presentation
• Occupancy checks
• Field calls
• Delivery of notices
• Eviction co-ordination
• Security services
• Risk assessments
• Property purchase
• Relocation services
• Property sale negotiations
• Valuation and sale of goods
• Valuation and sale of vehicles
• Property maintenance
• Large scale works (eg. demolition & construction)
• Due diligence reports
• Equipment valuations
• Detailed inventory reports
• Commercial sales
• Rural and remote sales
• Borrower assisted sales
• Private client sales
• Mediation services

Over 5500 real estate agents, mercantile agents, valuers, contractors,
solicitors. It’s substantial and allows us to use experienced firms who understand
our client’s specific needs. All agents receive a proficiency rating and
we strive to use the best agents in the country for each job.

Agent Training Seminars
Tagma stages regular training seminars that are accredited in each state
for real estate agent PDP points. Tagma has spent a full day with hundreds
of agents and specialist speakers right around the country with the aim to provide
better outcomes for clients. Contact us today to attend our next seminar.

Client Advisory Seminars
Tagma has been involved in meeting with clients in various divisions
regarding best practice and optimal outcomes.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist your business.