Tagma provides a process solution for the management, disposal and realisation of assets on behalf of Mortgagees and Trustees with complete transparency, objectivity and probity.

Where did we start?
Tagma began in 1996 offering one of the first outsourced services to banks in the field of property presentation. Over a 20 year period, the company has built up a reputation as an ethical, reliable and financially stable enterprise.

The company changed ownership structure in 2010 with a majority shareholding purchased by the Geocal Group, a diverse construction and development company.  Tagma now has a database of more than 5500 contractors and agents across the country and a highly skilled workforce with staff on the ground in three states.

What do we stand for?
Tagma has four clear objectives:

  • Provide an outstanding service.
  • Provide an enjoyable workplace.
  • Provide a financially sound, ethical, secure and transparent business to our clients.
  • Be rated number 1 by our clients.

Where are we going?

The outsourced property services industry is going through rapid change. The type of clients requiring our services, as well as the skills needed to provide these services, have changed. The number of clients requiring our services has multiplied. Tagma’s suite of services is now much broader than merely property presentation.

For these reasons, Tagma has committed heavily to investing in the latest technology to develop the most efficient platforms for clients, contractors and agents. Our portal, our app development and our internal IT systems represent the most advanced technologies available in the industry.

Tagma is involved in one way or another with ALL major financial institutions in the country. Our business is growing quickly.