Who are we?

Where did we start?

Tagma began in 1996 offering one of the first outsourced services to banks in the field of property presentation. Over a 20 year period, the company has built up a reputation as an ethical, reliable and financially stable enterprise.

The company changed ownership structure in 2010 with a majority shareholding purchased by the Geocal Group, a diverse construction and development company.  Tagma now has a database of more than 5500 contractors and agents across the country and a highly skilled workforce with staff on the ground in three states.


What do we stand for?

Tagma has four clear objectives:

  1. Provide an outstanding service
  2. Provide an enjoyable workplace
  3. Provide a financially sound, ethical, secure and transparent business to our clients
  4. Be rated number 1 by our clients


Where are we going?

The outsourced property services industry is going through rapid change. The type of clients requiring our services, as well as the skills needed to provide these services, have changed. The number of clients requiring our services has multiplied. Tagma’s suite of services is now much broader than merely property presentation.

For these reasons, Tagma has committed heavily to investing in the latest technology to develop the most efficient platforms for clients, contractors and agents. Our portal, our app development and our internal IT systems represent the most advanced technologies available in the industry.

Tagma is involved in one way or another with ALL major financial institutions in the country. Our business is growing quickly.


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What we provide


Skills & Experience

Tagma has a highly skilled group of people involved in the day to day activities.  

Our staff have degrees in Law, Business, Management, Finance and Urban development. 

 We have licensed builders, real estate agents, property managers and bookkeepers

available to clients everyday with many having been employed for 5+ years.



Tagma’s list of services is now extensive and includes:

• Property presentation
• Occupancy checks
• Field calls
• Delivery of notices
• Eviction co-ordination
• Security services
• Risk assessments
• Property purchase
• Relocation services
• Property sale negotiations
• Valuation and sale of goods
• Valuation and sale of vehicles
• Property maintenance
• Large scale works
(eg. demolition & construction)
• Due diligence reports
• Equipment valuations
• Detailed inventory reports
• Commercial sales
• Rural and remote sales
• Borrower assisted sales
• Private client sales
• Mediation services



Over 5500 real estate agents, mercantile agents, valuers, contractors,

solicitors.  It’s substantial and allows us to use experienced firms who understand

our client’s specific needs.  All agents receive a proficiency rating and

we strive to use the best agents in the country for each job.


Agent Training Seminars

Tagma stages regular training seminars that are accredited in each state

for real estate agent PDP points.  Tagma has spent a full day with hundreds

of agents and specialist speakers right around the country with the aim to provide

better outcomes for clients. Contact us today to attend our next seminar.


Client Advisory Seminars

Tagma has been involved in meeting with clients in various divisions

regarding best practice and optimal outcomes. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist your business.

Our team

How to become our favourite agent! (this part is easy)

Do what you say you are going to do.
Send reports when asked.
Be honest and transparent.
Have the property look like your own!

Send us an email regarding the above plus any experience with MIP or Trustee work and we will put you on our list of agents to request an appraisal from

Tagma Mobile App

Introducing the Tagma Mobile App
Tagma App

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Available Now for Apple and Android devices

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FAQ for the Tagma App

Q. Where do I get the app?
A. Go to the Apple app store on your iPhone or iPad, or go to the Google play store on your Android phone or tablet and search for “Tagma”, or alternately click on the following links.

Apple version

Android version

Q. Does Tagma charge a referral fee and how will it affect my commission?

A. Usually the fees Tagma collects are completely separate from your commission. However, depending on what bank we are working with, there may be a commission share arrangement in place. This is all fully disclosed up front before you are required to put forward a submission. When you register your interest to appraise a property via the app, we will provide all details regarding any fees or commission sharing (if applicable) before you decide to submit an appraisal.

Q. How do I win the job after the appraisal process?

A. There are a number of factors we are looking for. While many agents believe the lowest commission will win, we can assure agents that this is not necessarily the case. Key items include your estimated selling price in comparison to the valuation, any suggested improvements or marketing ideas for the property, track record and previous experience with MIP work, quality of description/photos of the property and the advertising/commission structure.

Q. How many agents can appraise each property? Will I be up against many other agents?

A. We limit the amount of agents who can appraise properties. We generally have 2 to 5 agents per property.

Q. Do I need the Tagma mobile app to work with Tagma?

A. At present no. However the app is the easiest and quickest way to be notified of new properties in your area.

Q. Do I need to pay to use the app?

A. No. When you first install the app and activate your account, you will be able to apply to appraise properties in your office postcode. This is free.

Q. What is the upgrade option for? What is the fee for this?

A. There is an optional upgrade inside the app to allow you to apply to appraise properties in surrounding postcodes. Essentially the upgrade enables you to be notified of properties that are not in your immediate postcode. If you would like to apply to appraise properties in surrounding postcodes then you will need to upgrade your account. There is an annual fee of $200 for this option.


Q. An area I do a lot of work in is not listed as one of my surrounding postcodes on the app. Can I get that area added?

A. YES! Please contact us and our technical support team will arrange.

Q. How long do I have to do the appraisal after I apply?

A. Generally the appraisal will be due 3 to 4 business days after we receive your notification. After you apply by pressing the button on the app, we will email you the address, appraisal forms and relevant details of the property.

Q. How many properties per year can I expect to appraise?

A. Tagma handles in excess of 1000 properties per year. Unfortunately we have no foresight as to which postcodes they will be from. From time to time there are ‘hotspots’ around the country however generally our work is spread right across Australia.

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